A fuel and road surcharge.

A fuel and road surcharge is added on to the basic net price of each shipment. The fuel surcharge is decreased or increased each month, 
depending on fuel price fluctuations, which we provide information about in advance.

Domestic services DHL Parcel:

Month Surcharge
March 2018 16,00%
February 2018 16,00%
January 2018 16,00%


International DHL Parcel courier services:

Month Surcharge
March 2018 9.5%
February 2018 9.0%
January 2018 9.0%


Domestic services DHL PARCEL

The formula for calculating the fuel and road surcharge for domestic DHL Parcel courier services is a reflection of the average retail price of diesel containing all taxes and charges (excise duty, fuel surcharge and VAT), on the Polish market in a given month. The index takes into account the costs of the electronic charge and the toll
for use of toll motorways and it is updated periodically.

You can find more details about the electronic charge system at www.viatoll.pl  

International DHL Parcel courier services:

The fuel surcharge index for DHL Parcel Connect, DHL Parcel International and DHL Parcel Return International services is a reflection of the average retail price of diesel containing taxes and charges in the European Union in a given month. These prices are monitored by the European Commission for Energy and Transport and published in the Oil Bulletin. 

DHL applies a two-month lag in the calculation of the index. For example, the average fuel price in January will be used to determine the fuel surcharge in March. This results from the cycle in which fuel prices are made available.