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07 JUNE 2018

UP to 50% off for new customers

Save on Frequent Shipping with a DHL account
The discount program is limited to corporate customers only.

Apply for a DHL Corporate Account

*After your application is submitted, our sales department team will contact you for proceed to the registration process.

Need to send a parcel, but don't have a DHL account? You can ship by cash or credit card

You can ship without DHL account and pay by cash or credit card. Also you can request online pickup via MyDHL+ and receive a 12% discount on freight charges.

  • DHL or our partner companies will pick up your shipment.
  • Pickup requests can be made in advance.

Bring your item to our service point and you can ship oversea with EXPRESS EASY

DHL EXPRESS EASY can be brought to and shipped from more than 200 service points nationwide.

  • Complimentary envelopes and boxes provided exclusively by Express Easy
  • Simple fee structure
  • Open on Saturdays and Sundays, and 24-hour service is also available


It has more than 260 dedicated aircraft, with approximately 3,200 flights per day.


Speedy delivery of documents and non-documents. We offer a wide range of services.


All transportation processes, from pickup to delivery, are performed by DHL.


We reach over 220 countries and territories worldwide.              


To stay ahead of the global E-Commerce curve, merchants need to adapt to the challenges of doing business in a world that changes mercilessly fast. And for that they need the right global E-Commerce partner to keep their business flowing.


Speed of growth of e-commerce providers offering premium shipping


Percentage of online shoppers who are discouraged from purchasing because of limited shipping options

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