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The benefits of Globalization - and why you shouldn't take it for granted? 


Globalization has affected the world on so many different levels that you might not have even noticed it – yet pretty much everything moves around the world because of it: goods, services, data, ideas, people, technologies...


Picture this for an average Saturday: eating a bacon and egg muffin at a local McDonald’s, listening to Spotify on an iPhone designed in California while ordering yoga wear from Canada on a laptop produced in China. The world at your table, and you wouldn’t even think twice.

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Understand and deliver: How can businesses tackle growth in e-commerce?


Today’s consumers are more urbanized, wealthier, and buy more than ever before. They are also more impatient – prioritizing speed and convenience – and yet they also prefer sustainable products, ethical production and eco-friendly deliveries. Balancing seamless experiences with lengthy lists of provisos is the monumental task facing e-tailers and their logistics partners all over the world.


Yet according to a new DHL report, prepared with the support of Euromonitor, both sectors are well placed to meet these requirements as long as they take a more creative approach to fulfillment – particularly to the last mile, the final leg of the journey from transport hub to final destination. The report identifies four key trends that are having a big impact on this famously difficult final stretch – localization, flexible delivery options, the growing number of seasonal spikes and evolving technologies – and offers recommendations on how e-tailers and their logistics partners can address these trends via their supply chain.

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5 key steps to plan for e-commerce peak season


Holiday peak season as we know it has transformed into a new friend. It’s older than Santa Claus, and its e-commerce version has been around since the 1990s. It’s always been like a friend who visits each year around the same time, brings gifts, makes you run around town, and often leaves a void when they’re gone. Its old form will be missed.


You may say that maybe I’m too hasty, and perhaps I am. It is more like our old holiday peak season friend has changed its appearance into a new, more unpredictable version, and like an old college friend, will be staying on our couch year-round.

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